Mental Health – Top 10

10. Adopt a learner’s perspective.

9. Have down time when you are not looking at a screen.

8. Ask, “Why am I feeling what I’m feeling?”

7. Spend quality time with others.

6. Don’t make decisions in the midst of strong emotions.

5. Remember, this too shall pass.

4. Get enough sleep, eat healthy, exercise, and spend time outdoors.

3. Don’t rush to judgments – either about others or yourself.

2. Do one thing every day that scares you.

1. Remember that God is for you.

What is my aim?

Weeding. If there ever was an unending job, this is it. The weeds in my garden were thick. And plentiful. The truism states that the best way to root out weeds is, well, by the roots. Yet, the longer I worked, the hotter it became, the more tired my fingers grew, the prospect of just ripping off the green was tempting. “I can grab a whole handful and be done with this,” I thought. My work became sloppy, and my goal shifted from quality to being satisfied with surface-level appearances. Continue reading

When I want to be the elm…

I was reminded the other day about an elm tree that grew in my parents’ yard during my childhood. Though it wasn’t good for climbing, it was nonetheless impressive. This tree had two defining characteristics: 1) It grew. Elms typically are fast-growing trees, attaining stature in a relatively short period of time. 2) Because of its quick growth, it often would litter our yard with twigs and branches after a storm. (Needless to say, this frequently added to my chores in keeping the yard looking presentable.)

A number of years ago, my parents had to cut down this elm tree. It had been a beautiful tree, but simply wasn’t sustainable in its growth. Contrast this with the neighboring tree, an oak. Continue reading