Giving Forgiveness

I found this to be a helpful explanation of forgiveness, taken from Walter Wangerin, Jr.’s book As For Me and My House, pages 79-81:

“For-give-ness is a holy, complete, unqualified giving.”

Giving Up: “Forgiveness is a willing relinquishment of certain rights. The one sinned against chooses not to demand her rights of redress for the hurt she has suffered. She does not hold her spouse accountable for his sin, nor enforce a punishment upon him, nor exact a payment from him, as in ‘reparations’. … In this way she steps outside the systems of law; she steps into the world of mercy. She makes possible a whole new economy for their relationship: not the cold-blooded and killing machinery of rules, rights, and privileges, but the tender and nourishing care of mercy, which always rejoices in the growth, not the guilt or the pain, of the other.” Continue reading