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Though we often think of anger in terms of yelling, throwing, and physical confrontations, it can manifest itself in more subtle ways as well. Following is a list of various symptoms commonly associated with anger:

  • Aggressive: exploding, violence, yelling, abuse toward people or animals, seeking revenge, self-inflicted behaviors
  • Passive: avoiding, sarcasm, mockery, jabs/cutting down, criticism, silence, giving in/up, gossip, withholding sex

While we all get angry periodically, it may be time to seek professional help if:

  • you have followed someone in your car to the next exit
  • you have persistent or recurrent ulcers, headaches, or other physical ailments unexplained by a medical diagnosis
  • the intensity of your anger is inappropriate in a given situation
  • your employer, family, or friends have expressed concern about your reaction to events
  • you find yourself easily annoyed or irritated


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