A Well-Lived Life

I have had the pleasure (and the frustration, at times) of living in both rural and urban locales during my life. As I’ve done some pondering during these beginning stages of CarePoint, some important aspects seem to be reflected in these rural and urban settings – urban environments create the possibility of greater community while rural environments create the possibility of greater reflection. It is both of these – community and reflection – that we believe are essential to a well-lived life. Without community, we are in danger of going astray or becoming self-focused. There is a strong possibility that we end up justifying or rationalizing our behaviors because we lack accountability. Without reflection, though, we are in danger of pursuing things like a dog pursuing the next squirrel. Here, the ditch we might fall into is sacrificing depth by filling our lives to (or even, beyond) the brim. Both of these paths leave us living a superficial life.

Here’s where CarePoint comes in. In our own lives, we have found it beneficial to have someone objective to walk alongside us or to lean on when the silence or loneliness is too heavy a burden. As such, we believe that the process of reflecting and opening ourselves up to others (i.e. living in community) can be healing, encouraging, and strengthening. Thus, as therapists, we seek to bring honesty in discussions with you, transparency in our perceptions and observations to guide you towards a deeper understanding of yourself, and grace to remind us both that we are human. Through our time together, we want to not only help you achieve change in your personal life, but also to point the way towards finding that greater purpose for which you exist.

We hope that you will feel cared for as we meet together, and that you find a place where you can freely reflect on your life. Please give us a call if you would like to talk with a therapist about what is going on in your life. Or, check out the “Contact Us” page to send us a message. We would love to hear from you!

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